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Manage to become an investor in a revolutionary project at an attractive price!

Investment benefits

Our offer on the ICO market compares favorably with others.

Use of existing technology

The project does not require the development and research of something new — we use existing technologies.

Escrow Investor Protection

In our ICO, automatic protection of investor funds (Escrow) is implemented, in which the investor can withdraw up to 100% of his investments at any time.

Financial instrument with high yield

By investing in the HYIP token, thanks to modern technologies, you get a financial instrument with traditionally high yield for venture capital investments, but with a lower level of risk, which makes it so attractive.

No competitors in the market of Hyip-projects 

Among the Hyip-projects at the moment there are no offers of this level — we have practically no competitors in this super profitable niche.

HYIP PROFIT Partner Program

Becoming our partner, you get 5% of all funds received within the ICO from investors who have indicated your ETH number when purchasing HYIP tokens.

First dividend payments at the end of the ICO

Already at the end of the ICO, upon the first payment of dividends, most of the invested funds will return to you. Your investment is guaranteed to provide you with income for the entire operation of the platform.

Permanent PASSIVE INCOME is the only path to financial freedom.


 Project HYIP PROJECT created to make a revolution in the market offers HYIP-projects.

 This is an interactive platform on the Ethereum blockchain, on which unique, what have not yet been based, HYIP-projects, diverse in their execution and content, are based, with their turnaround utility token, where the user, and only he, manages his funds and accounts from his personal account, access by outsiders is minimized.

  What offers HYIP PROJECT to users:

   transparency and openness of the entire platform.
   not mislead users, but rather openly and fully describe the work of each project and the risks associated with investing in it.
   completely new, unique, interactive HYIP-projects.
   a wide variety of tariff plans, including those where the user can withdraw his deposit at any time (this is not practiced in current projects).
   multilingual chat rooms and maximum user interaction between themselves and the platform.
   the broadest, constant advertising support for projects, not to mention the fact that the launch of the platform itself will provoke a stir.
   The development team is always motivated to support and improve the operation of the platform, as each is its shareholder.

  In other words, on the basis of the platform will be implemented a social network that brings together enthusiastic people.

ICO HYIP Profit и ICO Blue Chip


 The HYIP token is a dividend token that entitles the holder to receive dividends from 50% of the total income of the platform, directly proportional to the number of tokens of their owner.
Income is distributed automatically from the implementation of the VS token, which is also openly spelled out in the BC token smart contract.

The first dividends to the owners of HYIP tokens will be paid immediately after the completion of ICO BLUE CHIP — exactly half of the total amount collected from the sale of the aircraft token on its ICO.

Thanks to modern technology, you get a financial instrument with a traditionally high yield for venture investments, but with a lower risk level, which makes it so attractive.


 ICO BC will start immediately after completing ICO HYIP PROFIT
Blue chip —  high-yield shares. This is a utility token, it is a universal unit of payment within the entire HYIP system, united by our platform. This is our know-how in the HYIP direction.

The main feature of the token is the daily increase in its price relative to Ethereum
1% every day from the beginning of its implementation through ICO BC.
We will present the smart token contract to investors upon completion of the third stage of ICO HYIP PROFIT.
This is also a prerequisite for the transition to the next stage for ICO HYIP PROFIT.

Token address HYIP PROFIT:  0xdf1f0c982e6574c4b89ec49e2636abd9a25a3126

Symbol: HYIP
Fractions: 8
The maximum possible emission of tokens: 4 500 000.
The smart contract code is online and open for audit: view code


 Escrow is a guarantee of security of invested funds from misuse. Our smart contracts provide automatic escrow.

To get your attachments back, just send any number of tokens back to the smartcontract.

 For any ICO, it is always quite difficult to show the targeted expenditure of investor funds and therefore we decided to implement such an ICO procedure, where it will be clearly and clearly visible that the funds were spent wisely and with the best result, both for us and for investors.

 ICO will be divided into stages. At the end of each next stage, we are obliged to collect a certain amount set by the smart contract. These funds should be at least twice the amount of funds that have been allocated to them for the current stage.

 Under these conditions, we have no opportunity to go to the next stage and unfreeze the next part of the funds, without fulfilling this mandatory condition. And the investor can always see how the funds are effectively spent and can use the escrow at any time, and leave the project, returning his invested funds (part of the funds).

 From the above, it can be understood that the implementation of the project itself does not require huge investments, so we have no doubt that we will make the project a reality.

Read more about Escrow in White paper